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Google Docs – Quizzes

I discovered a WONDERFUL resource today. I was browsing through Google for Teachers from freetech4teachers, and I read a lot about Google Docs. I have been wanting to dive into Google Docs with my fourth graders, but I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it yet. Until tonight!

On pages 11-17 of Google for Teachers, you can read about Google Quizzes. The document tells you exactly how to create a google quiz. It was as easy, if not easier, as creating a quiz in a word document. Plus, it’s paperless. (Jill Galloway, a friend and fellow CISD teacher, has gotten me thinking a lot about making an effort to be paperless more often.)

I created a quiz over the vocabulary that we discussed in class today as part of our new reading/integrated engineering unit. I was able to create several kinds of answers: text, paragraph text, multiple choice, choose from an answer, etc. I could also make certain questions required so that they can’t be skipped.

After you create the test, you can post the link for the students to get to easily. You also have the option of embedding the quiz into your blog, but our district websites won’t let us do that.

The best part is that as soon as someone takes the test, I can see their answers. When I click on the quiz again, I see a spreadsheet of every test-taker’s answer for each question. Quick and easy!

If you haven’t encouraged Google Docs, I would encourage you to do so. Take a look at Google for Teachers, too, and see all of the great features that you never knew existed.


Wimp Yourself!

Need a distraction from work? Play around on Create your own “wimpy kid” version of yourself. So fun. Kids will love this tomorrow!

My Hippo Has the Hiccups

My Hippo Has the Hiccups, by Kenn Nesbitt, is free this month, in honor of National Poetry Month. iLearn Technology has a post about it here. Download your copy now!

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