Are we all critics?

Today my students were sharing an activity with the class. While one of my kids was sharing, another student offered criticism. (I think he told him to speak more slowly.) I stepped up (in my best protective voice) and told the student from the audience that he wasn’t a critic and he need not critique the speaker.

The student that was sharing turned to me and said, “Well we’re all critics in this day and age.” He was so matter-of-fact that he caught my attention. Who knows if he was just repeating something he heard from his parents (“this day in age” isn’t typically a kid phrase), or he just has a mature perspective for a ten year old. Either way it made me think.

The rest of the day I found myself looking and listening for critics all around me. My student was right. We are all critics. (On some days I prefer to say know-it-alls…)

Kids say the craziest things.

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