Abydos Update

I finished the Abydos training last week and I am already excited about implementing everything that I learned into my classroom. (Actually, let’s be honest, I’ll do my best to use MOST of what I learned… there’s never quite enough time to use EVERYTHING that we learn.)

Anyway, as part of our training, we had to write a reflexive piece and an extensive piece. Then, we had to send the extensive piece off for publication. I’ll be sharing both pieces on my blog eventually. My reflexive piece is about favorite childhood memories and I’d like to read it to my family before I post it here.

My extensive piece is a letter to cancer. There’s a bit of an interesting story here. My best friend works for Northwestern Mutual and his boss has been battling his son’s cancer for a couple of years now. (Chain of people = confusing, I know.) My friend shared with me a letter that his boss wrote giving an update on his son’s current condition. Immediately it pulled on my heart strings and I found myself experiencing that all-to-familiar anger towards cancer. (See my other blog for info on my half-marathon for TNT.) As I was sitting there with tear-filled eyes, I remembered seeing a tweet (twitter update) from the American Cancer Society that there was a company that would donate $10 for every letter written to cancer and submitted to their website. Naturally, I channeled my emotions and wrote a letter which was posted to their website. (Click here to see my letter. Click here to write your own.)

Meanwhile, I had been working on an extensive piece that related to my previous year of teaching and some experiences I had and for many reasons, it just wasn’t coming together. My deadline was approaching. I thought to myself, “It’s not like anyone would actually publish this, but even if they said yes, I don’t want this piece published”. So, I revisted my letter to cancer, did some editing, added some cancer research, and finalized it. After searching the internet for places to publish it, I decided to send it to CURE Magazine as an inspirational piece.

I very much doubt that it will get published, and I will not be let down if it doesn’t. Next year, I will get to share with my students that I have been through the process and hopefully they will see that anyone, not just “professional writers”, can be published. Plus, I get to say I’ve done it before. I’m all about trying new things… especially when they involve challenging myself.

Once I hear back from the magazine, I will share that piece with you as well.

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